Technical aspects: Plumbing, electricity, telephone and IT, air conditioning, ventilation and heating, fire safety, intrusion alarm, anti-theft and video monitoring


These works are at the heart of your project and play an important role which allows to operate your shop. Your light must highlight your products. The choice of equipment, chandelier, built in lighting or spots takes this into account. Compliance with regulations and the economic aspect as much as the style and design to guide the choices

Well being

Your head office remains constantly connect with shops through telephone or computer networks. Air conditioning and heating ensures comfort throughout the year. Here also, the proposed choices are consistent with the requests of shopping centers and comply with regulations. The protection of people and property is obtained by various equipment: sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire detectors, alarms. These works are carried out according to the recommendations established by authorized companies and in accordance with regulations. Installation of control measures against theft helps you leverage your shop.

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