About Us

Our Design Team

For over 10 years, BSEM has enriched experiences with partners in various trades, each with their specific characteristics and their needs.
Following the landlord documents for the initial design and taking into account the constraints, our design office along with independent partners and merchandising teams are involved to determine the following points:
• Realization of surveys of your future premises to determine the benefits and constraints.
• Creation of the dossier, modification of the shop front, installation of new signage are sometimes constraining near classified sites, our design department will help you to keep your identity, while respecting the demands of the “Architecte des Bâtiments de France”, as your storefront is one of the first communication of images.
• The interior design is your identity and must be functional for the convenience of customers, but also for you and your teams.
• Respect mandatory rules: safety, smoke, sprinkler systems, RIA, are essential to the proper functioning of a business

Our engagements

  • Provide all our skills
  • Propose adequate solutions
  • Guarantee the quality of services


Our Team

  • Peter Baver
    Directeur Général
  • Margherita Miele
    Attachée de direction
  • Jessica Rioul
    Assistante administrative, sav et maintenances
  • Kader Seck
    Responsable de projet
  • Romain Grosmangin
    Architecte d’intérieur