SSP - Luxembourg Airport

« SSP the Food Travel Experts »

Since January 2016 we have started a partnership with the group « SSP the Food Travel Experts » France & Benelux.

During the first 6 months of the year, we worked with SSP on their major project in Luxemburg, the complete renovation of all the food shops and restaurants in the airport of Luxemburg, Luxairport.

BSEM was in charge of the opening of 2 new bar/sandwich shops and 1 self-service/restaurant.

These 3 projects are new concepts developed by SSP group.

Bar/sandwich shops :

– Lux Brewery

– Panopolis

Self-service/restaurant :

– Comptoir du Bon Pays

Our missions were focused on the budget management, establishment of the works planner and the management on site. These projects turned to be great challenges du to specific time period constraints imposed by the airport.

More about SSP Group:

« SSP the Food Travel Experts » is an international group, operating worldwide and specialized in food shops in all transport services like train stations, airport.