New concept for Kaporal

Since 2014, we have realized fifteen shops including La Defense, Vélizy 2, Cap3000 and Aix en Provence.

In collaboration with Kaporal Stores, we develop the concept, according to the identity and image of the brand. From the drawing board to manufacture your customized furniture or small series, our design office comes in the design, submission of planning records in town hall or shopping center.

As Project Management our local teams realize the shop within 5/6 weeks.

Before beginning work, a planning is set to schedule every shop according the works with every subcontractors : masonry, electricity, air conditioning, floor, painting … always working together in harmony. We have always respected our commitments on the date of opening shops.
Our project manager coordinates all work with the Technical Offices (Bureau de Controle..)and the various organizations imposed by the center (SSI, Sprinklers, ….)
According to the requests of the brand, stands were realized as the stands at the Galeries Lafayette or the marquee of Troyes.
Learn more about the brand:
In 2004, the company created the MC Lem KAPORAL brand.
In a few years this brand has a great success thanks to this mix of original communication, spirit vintage, creative styling, quality and affordable prices. It has emerged today as one of the references in the world of denim and fashion in France and abroad.
Kaporal today has more than 1,600 multi-brand retailers and 100 shops including thirty franchises.